Case Study: Urgent Care Provider- Network Cost Reduction

Over a 15-year partnership, Orbit has been steadily delivering cost reductions across one of our Urgent Care provider’s networks.

Servicing over 70 urgent care locations across Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia, Orbit has provided between 20-30% savings, per package, compared with our competitors and other national small parcel providers. 

 By delivering products into and carrying returns out of each facility, Orbit has maximized the amount of product moved in each of our loads, which has ultimately reduced our customer’s costs. 

 Using our flexible Independent Contractor network, we have scaled up and down with the demands of our customer’s network. Additionally, our same-day courier services have helped to ensure that our customer’s medical supplies, labs, drugs, or even bank deposit bags reached their customers more quickly than they would with the typical next day service.