OHCL - Case Study - Hospital Supply Chain Optimization

Creation of conjunctive routes that saved the organization 30% and reduced administrative and managerial burden.

There are few supply chains more complicated than a hospital’s. With multiple service lines, a decentralized geographical footprint, and separate organizational and management structures, opportunities abound for supply chain inefficiencies. With your satisfaction and the patient’s care in mind, we look for ways to add value to your supply chain.  

Prior to our engagement with one of our healthcare provider partners, the hospital system maintained relationships with multiple same-day courier providers and in-soured certain aspects of their supply chain. Each routed and on-call job was treated as an individual shipment which built significant costs into the network. Across the board, costs were high, and service was slow.  

Once Orbit was engaged, through collaborative efforts with our partner, we were able to create conjunctive routes across multiple service lines, that enabled us to reduce network delivery costs by roughly 30%. Additionally, our partner was able to reduce their administrative and managerial burden by moving all their same-day services to the Orbit team.