Our Capabilities

Orbit HealthCare Logistics Overview

Supply Chain Optimization

With a rich background in supply chain design and optimization, Orbit’s leadership team takes an objective and analytical look at our partner’s supply chains in search of untapped value

cGMP Compliant Warehousing

Orbit provides our partners with cGMP compliant warehousing solutions in order to reduce the amount of inventory needed at their locations, eliminating the need for extra space and the non-value added redirection of healthcare staff

Medical Device Asset Tracking

Orbit’s team tailor-fits medical device asset tracking technology to our partner’s environment and ensures that critical equipment is where needs to be, when it needs to be there

Orbit HealthCare Logistics Services Overview

Order Fulfillment

We provide our partners with demand driven order fulfillment capabilities that allow them to scale and excel during peak operating conditions

Medical Courier

Orbit provides same-day expedited courier services for pharmacies, labs, hospital supply chains, and urgent care facilities

Inventory Management

Orbit provides our partners with an integrated, real-time inventory management ecosystem with enhanced reporting tools and order processing data

How We Do It

Agile Developement


You know your healthcare requirements and we know supply chain operations and systems, and through collaboration, we can design custom-fit applications that enhance your ability to deliver care. Orbit takes an Agile approach to the development of new applications which involves a continuous delivery of value-add software, an acceptance of fluid and changing requirements, close-knit and cooperating teams, and a simply designed and effective product. 

 Our team of experts can analyze your supply chain systems and determine how and where new applications will add value. Orbit has the ability to leverage your existing inventory management and health information systems in the creation of new applications, or we can create brand-new applications. With an Agile approach, Orbit will lead the team’s cross-functional collaboration, coordinate scrums, and ensure that the team is delivering functioning, value-add software.

Lean Management


When working with a new customer, we first set out to understand current state processes and to get a grasp on why things are done the way they currently are. Prior to initiating any process changes, it is important that we create a baseline that our on-going work can be measured against. From the outset of any engagement, we seek our customer’s input and look for ways that we can collaborate on unlocking new value.

From there, our goal is to create an optimized flow of products, information, and material, to ensure that we produce improvements in the quality, cost, and delivery of your supply chain needs.

We believe that the cycle of reviewing and enhancing your supply chain processes is on-going and we are committed to the continuous pursuit of improved quality, reduced costs, and on-time delivery.