Scalable Supply Chain Solutions
for Healthcare Providers

What We Believe

We understand that at the end of every delivery is a patient, and as an extension of your healthcare network, we are dedicated to delivering you the best quality of service, so you can deliver the best quality of care. 

We believe that if we can optimize your supply chain processes and ensure that they are aligned to your mission, we can make a positive and unified impact together. 

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Experts in HealthCare Logistics

Supply Chain Optimization

We understand that the healthcare supply chain is one of the most complicated supply chains in the world. Outside of the supply chain’s complexity, there is no other industry that has as great an impact on people’s lives as healthcare. Orbit’s team of supply chain experts is ready to examine your complete supply chain to seek out opportunities and add value, so you can focus on delivering the best patient outcomes possible.

Medical Device Asset Tracking

Orbit understands that every healthcare provider has specific and unique requirements and we custom design our technologies to meet those requirements. Orbit’s custom development team will design the right application and interface to suit your company’s objectives, either by leveraging your current inventory or electronic record management systems, or by developing a new, stand-alone application

Medical Courier

Orbit has decades of experience as a same-day expedited courier service for pharmacies, labs, hospital supply chain, material handling, document management, and clinics.  Our same-day medical couriers are fully supported by our integrated scanning technologies that allow real-time capture of delivery activities and product traceability, which can be implemented for your healthcare operation in a matter of days. 

cGMP Compliant Warehousing

We provide compliant facilities to ensure the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. Our facilities adhere to these protocols by investing in systems to provide fail-safe environmental controls supported by advanced monitoring and inventory management systems.

Order Fulfillment

Orbit’s demand driven order fulfillment and warehousing solutions provide our healthcare customers with the flexibility to scale during periods of growth, maintain product traceability so you always know where your products are, and a single integration point for all systems across your healthcare supply chain

Inventory Management

Orbit provides an integrated, real-time inventory ecosystem with enhanced reporting tools and order processing data for each of its fulfillment and warehousing clients.

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Urgent Care Provider Network Cost Reduction


Healthcare Provider Quality Enhancement


Hospital Supply Chain Optimization